If you’re looking for ways to make money on the side, you’ve come to the right place! There are lots of ways to make money in addition to your “day job,” ranging from easy/quick to high effort with a big pay off. Whether you’re looking for something easy or something a little more involved, there’s something for everyone here.

Sell Stuff

1. Sell your old stuff

Take a quick look around your house.  Do you have unwanted clothing, gift cards, used books, furniture, or even your wedding dress cluttering up the house?  You have an opportunity to make some serious cash. 

What do you need to get started?

All you need is a digital camera, an internet connection and of course some stuff to sell.

How do I write my ad?

Writing an ad can be one of the most important steps when selling your item. A good ad can be the difference between getting maximum value or even selling your item at all.

A few key things to keep in mind when writing an ad:

  • Make sure you take your own photos from several different angles in good lighting.
  • Provide detailed measurements and the weight of the product.
  • Describe the condition of the product and make sure you disclose anything that might be wrong.

Let’s look at an example where you want to sell a moose.

Would you prefer this?

Moose for sale, in great condition, $10 OBO.

Or this?

For sale is a gently used, handcrafted moose
Height: 2.0″ high, 2.25″ inches wide (including antlers), 0.25″ deep
Materials: Intricately carved wood with detailed etchings
Key Features:
-Stands upright on any flat surface.
-Attachable to a key chain
-Lightweight and durable
Price: $10.00

I know which one I would choose.

Writing your ad matters. Sure, it will take longer but it’s worth it.

Nice try selling my moose friend, not a chance. He stays with me.

Where should I sell my stuff?

Where you should sell your stuff depends on what you want to sell. Sure, there are places you can sell almost anything, like eBay or Craigslist but did you know there are specialty websites out there that cater to specific types of items? And some of them have really low fees and huge customer bases!

  • Anything: Facebook Marketplace, Depop, Ebid, Oodle, Amazon, or Letgo.
  • Clothing: Poshmark, Re-Bag, Style Encore, Threup, Tradsy, Leprix or Just Between Friends
  • Electronics: Decluttr, Swappa, Gazelle or Nextworth.
  • Furniture: Aptdeco, Route 66 Furniture, Apartment Therapy Bazaar or Chairish.
  • Gift Cards: Gift Card Granny, Cardpool, Raise or Card Cash.
  • Used books: Chegg, Amazon, Powell’s Books or Cash4books.
  • Wedding Dresses: Weddingbee, Oncewed, or Smartbride Boutique.

2. Sell photography

Are you a photographer? You don’t need a professional camera to start making money.  You can use the smartphone sitting right in front of you.

Here are some popular categories that are always in demand:

  • Animals
  • Nature
  • People doing everyday things

Make sure you get my good side. Who am I kidding, I always look fabulous.

So grab that camera, start shooting and then head to these top places to try and sell them:

  • Shutter Stock
  • Adobe Stock
  • Blue Melon

3. Sell your own product on Etsy

Ever dreamed of owning your own small business, but you’re not sure where to start?  Sell your own product on Etsy. 

“If it’s handcrafted, vintage, custom or unique, it’s on Etsy.” 


Those handmade candles, yummy smelling soaps or homemade pottery jars sitting behind you?  Why not try your hand selling them on Etsy? 

Rent your stuff

Nothing to sell?  How about renting what you already have?  One of my favorite money making tips is to rent out stuff you already own!  Your house? Check.  Your car? Check. Your backyard?  Wait, what?  Well, why not.  Here are a few of the great things you can earn money renting right now. 

4. Rent your house/apartment

Rent out your house/apartment for short term rentals. You may have heard of Airbnb.  But have you heard of VRBO, Flipkey or even VacationRentals?

The sharing economy has exploded in the last 5 years and competitors are cropping up all over. The demand for shared housing is only going to increase as time goes on. Why not make some money on the side and rent out your home or vacation house when you’re not using it.

Get started here:

  • Airbnb – Check them out here.
  • VRBO – Check them out here.
  • Vacation Rentals – Check them out here.
  • FlipKey (from tripadvisor Rentals) – Check them out here.

5. Rent your car to others

Did you know you can rent your car to others to make extra money?  Your two biggest options are Turo and Getaround.  Both of them utilize an app to connect rentees with renters.  Instead of going with a company like Zipcar, or Car2go, your customer gets to rent your car instead.   

How it works:

In exchange for sharing your car, you get an hourly rental fee, minus the commission paid to either Turo or Getaround. 

Who it’s best for:

People who don’t use their car much and it’s just sitting around.  Maybe you only use your car on the weekend, why not rent it out during the week?  

How much can you make?

An older car might rent for $5-$7 an hour where a newer ride might go for $20-$35 per hour. 

How to qualify?

It varies by company, in general your car must be newer and have a limited number of miles.

How to get started?

  • Check out Turo here.
  • Check out Getaround here

6. Rent out your private location to campers.

Not keen on letting someone stay in your house but have a beautiful space to lend to a camper? Why not try Gamping. 

Gamping is the new service that allows customers to stay overnight on your own property.

Have a backyard, a garden, extra land or a beautiful lookout? Sign up here to start making money.

7. Rent your parking lot, empty lot or boat slip.

This is one my favorite new websites.  Curbflip will help connect you people looking to rent out your unused space. 

  • Have a driveway?
  • Have a boat slip?
  • Have an unused parking lot or other space? 

Dubbed the Airbnb of parking space rentals, this website is for you.  Check out curbflip today!  

8. Rent out your bike (surfboard, snowboard, stand-up paddleboard, ski equipment)

I love riding bikes! Every time we go on vacation we look for cheap bike rentals to zoom around the town. Do you have an extra bike that you aren’t using right now? Check out Spinlister today to rent your bike out to fun loving people like me!

You can use the same website to rent your surfboard, SUP, snowboard and much more! It seems like a no-brainer if you’re not using the equipment, plus, the service provides up to $5,000 in damage protection. Check out their website for more details.

9. Rent out your boat

Remember that boat you just had to buy? Of course you do. Tired of having “boat day” again just because you bought it? It’s time to check out Boatsetter and get some of your hard-earned money back.

10. Rent out anything else

Something I missed? Do you have something unique you’d like to make some money renting to others? I have just the site for you: Fat Llama.

Some of the unique items available? Rent a Delorean for a day and head “Back to the Future” or capture your once in a life time hike through the alps with a drone.

The possibilities are endless… what do you want to share with the world?

Make money from home

Make money from home? I’m all over this one! Maybe you need to stay home and watch the kids or just don’t feel like dressing up to go a job. Here’s a few options for making some serious dough from the comfort of your living room.

11. Start a website

This is my absolute favorite making money from home tip. You can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars with your very own website.

How can you make money?

  • Google Ad sense – Add Google ads to your page and get revenue every time some makes a click!
  • Affiliate/brand advertising – Write reviews for your favorite products and get paid a small commission for the advertising exposure!
  • Sell private ad space – Starting a blog about food? Sell advertising space from your favorite food companies.
  • Start an eCommerce store – have your own product? Market and sell the item through your very own website.

I am living proof you don’t need any experience to build a successful website!

So, if the thought of CSS, DNS, HTML, .HTACCESS, or XML Schema gives you the heebie-jeebies I don’t blame you one bit, but it definitely isn’t hard and you can get a website up and running in a few hours! Check out the website I recommend for website newbies: Bluehost and get your site up and running in less than hour.

12. Get a cash bonus for opening a checking, stock or savings account!

Did you know you can get anywhere from $25 – $600 + in bonuses just for opening a new credit card or checking account? Who doesn’t like free money? Shop around for the best deals and be sure to check the terms/conditions to ensure you get your bonus.

I try to find a couple of these offers every year.

Here’s a current offer for Chase where you can get up to $350!

Anyone out there not like free money?

Set your own hours

You’ll have to leave the house if you want to take these jobs on. Fear not, you at least get to control your own schedule!

14. Become a personal trainer to wealthy clients

Personal training is a huge industry and it’s only growing. It can also be very lucrative. You’ll have to put in some work to give this one a go, but it’s worth it. You can read all it about it at Learn How to Become.

15. Driver for Uber/Lyft

You’ve mostly likely taken an Uber or Lyft ride at some point, why not drive for them? Flexible hours in the comfort of your own vehicle, what’s not to like? Don’t have a car? Not to worry, Uber has you covered. Sign-up for their car leasing program with vehicles available for a few hours, weekly or as long as you want. Check out Uber and Lyft today.

16. Walk dogs in the neighborhood

Love taking little Fido on walks? I have just the job for you! Rover is a great service connecting loving pet owners with caring sitters just like you! You are in control of what services you’d like to offer. Rover offers options for doggy day care, walking, house sitting and much more.

This cute little pup could be waiting for you.

I don’t do “walks.” (Unless there’s cheese, is there cheese?)

More Ideas to Make Money

  • Become an instagram / youtube star
  • Become a virtual assistant
  • Try tutoring kids
  • Get cash back on things you already buy from ebates
  • Deliver for Doordash or Postmates
  • Buy and sell domain names on Go Daddy

The ideas are endless! If you’ve been dreaming of starting your side-hustle, there’s time like now to get started.

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