Welcome to Save the Effort, a website dedicated to helping you reach your goals faster, so you can spend more time on the things you love.

Unlike other websites, I take an unorthodox approach to making things easier. Why?

Because life is messy and hard to navigate.

We rarely get to where we think we should be in a straight line. So how can we do it better, and more efficiently? What are the smartest, most sensible ways to make things more efficient? How do we make the most of our time to increase our odds of being successful with our goals?

Enter our coach, mascot and most determined role model: the maverick mouse (or maverette if you please).

maverick mouse

The word maverick dates back to the 1800s when Samuel Maverick, an original signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence, was said to be “independently minded.” He also refused to brand his cattle which separated him from the masses.

Today a maverick can best be classified as one who is nontraditional, independent and a trailblazer.

Maverick mouse is all about cutting through the bull$h!t to get you to your goals faster.

Don’t get lost in the maze of life.

It’s easy to start things in life. It’s tough to finish them.

How many times have you started a project only to end up spinning in circles and never quite reach your goal? Or worse, not knowing what your goals were to begin with?

The Maze of Life

Do you know what your goals are? Have you had the same items on your “to-do” list for years? If that sounds like you, you aren’t alone.

Reach your goals faster

About now you are probably thinking you don’t want to be stuck in the maze, but you aren’t quite sure why in the world some mouse is going to help you get there.

Because I have lived it.

In life, winners forge their own path, stay focused on their goals and ignore the naysayers who try and hold them back.

I’ve spent years making mistakes and countless hours trying to make things easier. I wish I could go back to my younger self and impart even a fraction of the knowledge I’ve gained over the years.

I’m here to pass forward all the knowledge and help I’ve accumulated over the years to help you reach your goals faster than I could ever dream of. I’ve cataloged my journey where things went right, where they went wrong, how you can learn from my setbacks and what to do instead, so you can cut through the bull$h!t and reach your goals faster.

It’s trail blazing time.

At Save the Effort! you will find a holistic approach to facing the trials that life throws at you. Are you looking to become financially independent? Are you looking to live a more minimalist life or do you just want to be able to plan a vacation easier? Maybe you want to start a new hobby, but you aren’t sure what to expect or how to get started.

Life is hard, I get it and there is no ready made map to help you get through it. But there are tips and techniques to break it down and take the fear out of getting started.

Making your life easier isn’t just about getting rich quick (though I won’t say money doesn’t help):

  • It’s about handling the emotional realities that come with chasing your dreams and what happens once you get there.
  • It’s about fighting through the distractions and time wasting activities we’re all doing but fail to correct.
  • It’s about being intentional in your actions and thinking about the consequences of failing to get started.
  • It’s about enjoying the journey and not waiting until the perfect moment to live your best life.

The time to act is now.

Get Started

These are some of the topics I cover on Save the Effort:

  • Save Time: Distractions and time wasters are a huge area of lost opportunity in the pursuit of your dreams. Are you making these mistakes or just need more time to spend on the things you love? Read on to find out how I save hours of time and effort in the most common areas of life.
  • Emotional Money: How do you deal with friends and family who may not understand your quest to live our dreams? What about the retirement police? Or feeling lost after your “working career” is officially over? Sound familiar? Read on to see how you can overcome these feelings.
  • Save Money: Ready to save money, find alternatives to some of your biggest expenditures or just need to save a little money? This section is for you.
  • Make Money: Are you looking to super charge your career or make money on the side? Look no further.

What are you waiting for? Are you ready to join hundreds of others and follow the shortest path to reaching your goals?

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