There are hundreds of ways to save time and be more efficient. In this guide, you’ll find my best time saving hacks.

We can’t create extra time, but we can maximize the time we have.

Find more time in your day

Saving time and reducing distractions is a key part of helping you reach your financial goals. Why? Because distractions are constantly getting in the way of accomplishing your most important hopes and dreams. I’ll just one watch episode of this great show on Netflix…oops! I watched 10. I’ll just set this dirty dish on the counter instead of running some water in it so it will be easy to wash later. Oops, it’s now hardened on the pan and 10 times worse to clean up.

Eliminate or Reduce Distractions

I get it. Sometimes taking a few extra steps to save yourself time later on can be hard. Ever wished you had taken that extra minute to save yourself the headache later?

The more you put off today and the more time you waste on unnecessary actions, the harder it is to focus on the things you really want to accomplish. Like starting that side business or making dinner at home so you don’t overspend on takeout, again.

In fact, if you were to stop for a moment and reflect on your day right now, are there places where you felt you wasted some time? There were for me.

To save time is to lengthen life.

Just today, I hit the snooze button (twice), I forgot to buy green onions at the store to make my famous stir fry and I didn’t save the latest draft of my new blog post. Sigh. I can already feel the anxiety and dread creeping up knowing I have to fix some of those mistakes…not to mention the time I can never get back from hitting the snooze button.

Increase your productivity

What will you do with all that extra time?