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Spartan Race

The 2020 Spartan race season may have ground to a halt with Covid wreaking havoc on the world, but 2021 is right around the corner and Spartans are itching to get back into the action. Hold on to your running shoes, here’s six popular gift ideas to get your loved one back into the action!!

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1. Elite Footwear

Muddy rough terrain lends itself to needing the finest footwear. Treat your Spartan lover to these super gripy and smartly branded all-terrain shoes to show their Spartan pride!



2. Race Fuel

Whether you’re participating in a Spartan Sprint or the Ultra, keeping your energy up is key in any race. The key to any race nutrition is something light weight and packs a powerful punch. My go-to is Clif Shot Energy Gels. I used these to help me complete two Ultra’s (30 mile races!) You can read more about my experience here.

3. Race Gear

Warm Weather

Spartan races participants engage in a wide variety of activities. Jumping over fire, rolling under barbwire, climbing walls, carrying heavy objects and so much more. I’ve found the best gear contains an element of compression and keeps my limbs safe from the rough terrain.



Cold Weather

When the turns cold, turning up the notch on the gear is key. There’s nothing worse than running in cold weather and not being able to stay warm. Coldgear is specially made to keep more heat in when the temperatures fall. My favorite brand is Under Armor Cold Gear.




Protect your hands from the elements during the Spartan Race with these gloves.



Racing Socks

Need extra protection for the rope climb? These socks not only keep your feet toasty warm, they keep your ankles from getting rope burns.

Hydration Pack

Keep your Spartan hydrated during the long race with this top of the line hydration pack.

4. Race Supplements

On the day of the race, keeping your salt levels up helps to alleviate camping that many athletes experience. In fact, cramping was one of the biggest issues I experienced during my first race. Now, I look for something easy to carry and fast acting. Outside of Spartan racing, I also use these for heavy exercise days or anytime I feel like I need extra salt.

5. Celebration Gear

The race is finished and you want to help your loved one celebrate their accomplishment!

Medal Display

The Spartan Trifecta display lets your Spartan show off completion of three bad-ass races (Sprint, Super & the Beast).

Cell Phone Case

Show your Spartan pride year-round with this snazzy cell phone case.

6. Training Gear

Spear Training

One of the hardest obstacles in the Spartan Race is the spear throw. Help your Spartan practice before the big day with this regulation size spear. Help your Spartan build up the confidence, muscles and coordination needed to nail the spear throw and avoid those 30 burpees.

High Altitude Training Mask

Planning on traveling for a Spartan race? You may need a high altitude training mask to conquer those races (Tahoe and Colorado anyone?)

There you have it! The best ways to show your appreciation to your Spartan loved one and help them be successful on the big day. They’ll thank you every step of the way!

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