Money is an emotionally charged and sensitive topic. It can grant your deepest desires or rip your family apart. It can tear the soul apart with greed or set it alight with philanthropy and giving. No two experiences will ever be the same for two individuals. It is deeply personal and will remain so until the end of time.

Control your emotions or let them control you.

What is Emotional Money?

Emotional money describes our relationship with money and how it makes us feel. It can make us feel elated when we have more than we need (or more than our friends). It can make us feel angry, fearful, or even shameful when we don’t have enough.

Exploring the way we are connected to money and how it can ruin our life or help it prosper is not something to hide in the dark. By exposing the realities of how money impacts our life, we can begin to find solutions, work through emotional responses to hardships and wield it’s power in the best way possible.

Think you can handle the emotional realities of money?

In search of Financial independence

Once of the biggest emotional roller coasters I’ve had with money is how others react when I bring up the subject of Financial Independence. We all dream of having enough money to call it quits and never have to worry about it again, but a lot of us never have that opportunity. Given it’s something I’ve desired all my life, it’s no wonder I was ecstatic when I came across the FIRE movement. Unfortunately, not everyone was so enthusiastic about my newfound “hobby” as they called it. Right up there with politics and region, FIRE is something I no longer discuss with my family or friends.